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Dignity is in our bearing, not some incidental of environment or happenstance.

On the other hand, sometimes a little glamour helps.
Pump those guns, girl!

It can be taken too far, of course.

External view.

A different mindset.

Because you can't be too careful.

Like, maybe, go for a walk?

Take in the sights. Avoid hazards.

Doo dee doo, just takin' in the sights...

Getting some fresh air.

Working up a thirst.

Meeting a hot guy.

Taking in more sights.

Having another drink.

Going for another walk.

No, a WALK!

Well, uh, all walk and no play...

Something about being careful?

It works both ways.

Slipping the surly bonds of earth!

Beauty and magic are almost the same thing.
Memory isn't the only way we can have roses in winter.

Ah yes. Something about beauty.

It's not as easy as all that. Because it's not about appearance. Girdles will change someone's appearance -- or too many beers ... well, too many beers will do it for real. Smoking, drinking, McDonalds, being eaten by sharks -- hazards, all. Some problems just can't be solved. But some extra pounds isn't really one of them. Stomach stapling proves it. So, diet, and exercise. We can help. It's not a luxurious bus ride to paradise, but it will get you where you're willing to take yourself. Know what? That's a really good thing.

Be excellent.


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