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Bob's Photo Album

Bob is a bodybuilder. Bob Dude. He is totally jazzed about his phenomenal training!!! He's emailed FW a number of photos he'd like to post, enthusing people about his life!!!!!!!

Here's the house Bob says he grew up in, on the road up to the Hollywood reservoir. Bob says he still lives there.

He says it has a lot of stairs.

This is Bob's old "psycho" girl friend Gwen. Bob says he is "so totally over her." Bob says that some wisenheimers say Gwen is a man, but Bob thinks that's just ignorant. He thinks they are ignorant of basic anatomy.

Bob says Gwen totally cut up his comic book collection with pinking shears.

This is Bob's dog Yoda, that cost $1700.

That's Gwen holding him. "Before she got totally fat," Bob adds. Bob says she claimed it was a glandular problem. "Yeah," says Bob, "if a spoon is a gland." He asks, "Where can you hide ice cream?"

Here's Ursula, Bob's latest girlfriend. Bob made an inappropriate comment about her, which shall not be repeated.
Then Bob got a little abusive and insulting toward other men, and calls them "epicene little babbits." Bob may have a hormonal imbalance that affects his judgment and civility.

Bob says this is his workout buddy, who is "something big in the entertainment industry." Bob declines to drop any names, but says "you have definitely heard of him." The italics are his.

Bob maintains that this is the product of "hard work and perseverance," and that "you too can look this good, if you really want it."  The emphases are again his.

Here's Bob, he says. He says he's a bit unsatisfied with his left latissimus dorsi, which he says seems a little puny compared to the right, but he thinks it may be the lighting. He says it feels symmetrical, what he can reach of it.
Bob thinks people stare at him, and is often heard to say, "Hey, I'm up here. A little privacy?"

Bob has many photos of himself and his life. If you would like to see more, he says, on his private subscription website, he wants you to email him and he will send you an application form. He says you will not be sorry.

So that's Bob and what he thought he'd like to share of his life in pictures. Who are we to judge? If his aesthetics and common sense are a tad different than our own, at least he seems to be doing no harm.

Most people have different goals than Bob's. Most folks want to increase their level of fitness, so that they feel and function at a level better than they have ever known. We think those are excellent goals. Most people, deep down, admit that appearance is important, but health is even more important. We agree. It's a package deal, where fitness, health and appearance are highly correlated.  Sensible and beneficial goals, well, how sensible.

Be excellent.


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