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Yeah, it's a McGuffey Reader slash Book of Virtues sort of word. Responsibility. How outré. We do what we want, when we want, and consequences be hanged. Oh. Well, not we. We're not quite that cool. But we do what we want, sort of, when we want, if it's convenient, and although we do indeed care about the consequences, it's not enough to change our behavior. Oh. Well, again, that's not really us either. Actually we are sort of responsible.

Just not in terms of the full measure of our health. Sensible exercise, sensible diet. It's the absolute foundation of health. We can't change our genes, but we can change what we do with them. So, yes, responsibility.

Folks get busy, and tired, and have all sorts of excuses for not maintaining themselves. Over the age of 30, Americans gain an average of one pound of fat each year. That works out to about 10 extra calories a day. A dab of butter the size of your pinkie nail. So something is definitely wrong here. It isn't about calories, for all that you hear otherwise. It's about fitness.

Fitness is a self-selecting process, as is an adherence to any virtue. Some folks are, alas, as seed that falls on the hard ground or among the thorns or where the birds can devour them. Alas. But that's not you. Because you're reading this, it's clear you have the interest, and no doubt an awareness of the need for safety and effectiveness, and motivation. Not nagging, not cajoling. Encouragement and education and information.

FitWorks, as the name implies, is about FitNess. We counsel on diet and nutrition, and we prescribe and supervise workouts. Not everyone sticks with it. Of course not. It requires dedication and effort, and that's not everyone's cuppa. They prefer soda pop? But that's not you. You know that personal excellence is a -- well, it's a responsibility.

Be excellent.


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