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An Ever-Expanding P-Factor List

  • hot
  • digesting / hungry
  • sore / sick / tired
  • not focused / not there / not feeling it
  • annoyed / distracted
  • depressed
  • weak
  • old
  • consumed with self-loathing and want to look bad
  • very complicated, conflicted & contradictory
  • dizzy / nauseous
  • pregnant, I think
  • pacing myself to the music
  • not fully recovered from last time
  • not being yelled at /  not being watched
  • worthless / fantastic / good enough
  • just doing a maintenance workout
  • doing really well / working hard enough
  • not going to be first anyway
  • saving it for a strong finish
  • working tomorrow
  • me.

Long list. Good excuses, all of them. All excuses are automatically good, if they excuse us. Our motives would need to be a little murky, a little confused or conflicted, but that's just part of being human. Oh, there's another one. I'm only human.

What we will not be, if we excuse ourselves so easily, is excellent.  P-factor is all the reasons, the excuses, the lies we use to stop us from doing our best. It's the Permission to PHail PHactor. Not a good thing, in the long run.

The antidote to p-factor is honesty.

Be excellent.


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