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Apples to Apples

The workout that the FW crew did on Jan 6 is a good demonstration of the power of the Power Grid.  Some surprising results after crunching the numbers.  Case in point:

ETo, of the Amazing Chinup Prowess, racked up a stellar total of 427 -- 134 chinups, 186 pushups and 107 ball slams.  Because each movement got 6 minutes, we can find their individual grid results:

chins: 37K workload/ 6100 power/ 25 power ratio;
pushups: 29K/ 4900/ 20
ball slams: 12K/ 2100/ 8
Workout total: 79K/ 4400/ 18 PR.

Looks unbeatable.  And it was.

But JHo's results have a few surprises.  Total points, 348 -- 77 chins, 141 pushups and 130 ball slams.  That total is like ... well, a lot less than ETo's.  So sad.  Some might say, pathetic.  They however would be wrong.  The results for the individual movements are:

chins: 26K WL/ 4400 power/ 19 PR;
pushups: 28K/ 4600/ 20;
ball slams: 16K/ 2700/ 12.
Workout total: 70K/ 3900/ 17 PR.

Analysis:  Even though JHo outperformed in the ball slams, that workload was relatively smaller, and had a small effect on the total -- regardless of the movement's subjective difficulty.  Even though ETo did 45 more pushups, when we make a pound for pound comparison, a relative power comparison, JHo and ETo performed approximately the same.  But talent will out, and ETo is a chinup prodigy.  To match his power ratio for that movement, JHo would have to do approximately 100 -- nearly 25 more.  On the other hand, to match JHo's ball slam power, ETo would have to do about 155 -- nearly 50 more.

Takeaway lesson?  There are several.  The thing that you're best at may not be enough.  Or it may make you the champion.  An apparently smashing victory may actually be rather more modest, when objectively considered.  A murky performance may turn out to have been an impressive effort.

It is unlikely that JHo, heavier and longer, would ever match ETo's raw number for this WOD.  Boo hoo.  But the Power Grid shows that to beat the pound-for-pound results for the total workout, all other things remaining the same (which they wouldn't since we do not remain static), JHo would have had to do only 8 more chinups, 85 instead of 77.  The total power ratio would then be ETo's 17.9 to JHo's hypothetical 18.0 -- instead of the 17.3 that implacable reality insists upon.

Does it matter?  Well, for all that we want to be excellent in ourselves, we want to be excellent when compared to others.  So, yes, it matters, sort of.  In this, the New Year, a new decade of a new century of a new millennium, there is much talk about resolutions.  At the root of that word is resolve.  A fierce and firm determination, unwaivering.  Talking won't do it, neither scheming, nor grand emotional declarations.  Reality, like resolve, is about doing.  So?

Be excellent.


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