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A Few Observations


because caprice is delightful,

and meaning is invented,

and because butterfly wings do not cause chaos;

... and because we have a right to aspire.

Not beautiful:

because choices are responsibilities,

and not all effort is rewarded,

and because, as the twig is bent, so grows the tree,

and because cruelty is so casual.

We all went to high school with this guy.  He thinks function follows form. 

Hm, seems harmless enough ...

... oh.  The danger of taking something to its logical extreme.  Moderation, please. 

You just never can tell.

Gonna mess you up.

Perils abound.

What a complicated world.  Where, where is clarity to be found?  Blown about by opinion is no way to live.  Consult the occupants of the First Circle of Hell, as evidence.  So decide on a few rules, and live by them.  Nothing preachy.  Eat sensibly, to feed your cells.  Exercise sensibly, because the absence of stress is a kind of distress.

Well?  That's what we do here, at FitWorks, CrossFit in Burbank, as you are increasingly becoming aware.  Questions?  Feel free.

Be excellent.

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