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Note to Self

Sometimes it's just about reminding people of what's important. With FitWorks, that reminder must focus on fitness. Just think about the word. Fitness. It means "suitable" and "able" and "apt". It means increasing your capacity to get things done. It means being stronger and having more energy and being healthier. It's about turning back the clock, undoing the damage that time and some measure of neglect have caused.

Yes, you know all that. But that's what reminders do -- tell you what you already know. Because training isn't about a set of exercises. If that's all it were, you could go online and find a workout and do it. It wouldn't give you maximal results, but it would give you some results. That's a good thing. But it's not just about information. It's about commitment, and motivation, and encouragement and discouragement. It's about efficiency and effectiveness. It's about getting started, and keeping with it.

That's what real training is about. Yep, it's an investment, if you can't do it alone, and need to hire help. The worker is worthy of his hire. But you're worth it too. It's a matter of what you choose to invest in. It's unlikely that there are many things of more immediate importance than your health, than how you feel and how you function.

That's it then. It's on you. If you get it, about the fact that wanting something is only the start, and then you have to actually get started, then you'll go get it. Intensity is not something to be afraid of. There's a way that it's a pleasure. Not how hard it is -- rather, the demonstration of your excellence, the growth of your toughness, the increase of your ability and your confidence.

There it is. Not a lot of info, this time. Just a reminder. The clock's hands move in only one direction, but you can influence their speed. Not magic -- competence.

Be excellent.

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