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Wax Man

No, this time he's just gone too far.
That NY pol, noted of late for the unsolicited tweeting of marital photos to co-eds.  That in itself seems beyond the Pale, but, hey, guys are guys, right? Sort of kind of immature, flashing one's self around like that, but it's a confusing age, is all that we can say. 

But a man who has to shave twice a day, this hairless? Seems unlikely. Dude's waxing.  Hey, to each his own, and who wants to look like he's wearing a sweater made out of Brillo Pad.  But why so extreme?  A little verisimilitude might be nice. Maybe just a trim? -- a little artful shaping? Manscaping? Cuz this is ... it's ... just unamerican, is what it is. Unseemly.  Point being, why the shame, Mr. Weiner? We aren't born this way, baby, we grow into it.

Doubt it? Object lessons:

Not so pretty, eh? Hair, no hair ... alien, vampire, mutant, zombie, disease-ridden freak ... be what you are.  Think about it.  Then, not only in your body, but in your character,

Be excellent.


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